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Word Example of - definitive

    Example Sentences for definitive

    Trevena's many-sidedness will be apparent only when there is a definitive edition of his work.

    Closeness to the natural environment is definitive of this stage.

    The one etiological group then becomes split up into two which may be designated as the dispositional and the definitive groups.

    We have yet no news of the signature of the definitive treaty.

    There may be, in addition, provisional and definitive lines of operations.

    But still a name so generic often affects a definitive precursor.

    This edict gave occasion for several trials, but none of them were followed by a definitive sentence.

    It is because I want the Republic that I want it to be durable and definitive.

    The time came at last for his definitive retreat to Mount Vernon.

    To these questions, it is difficult to give a definitive and conclusive reply.

Word Origin & History of - definitive

    Word Origin & History

    definitive late 14c., from O.Fr. definitif (12c.), from L. definitivus, from pp. stem of definire (see define). Related: Definitively (1520s).

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