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Word Example of - deflation

    Example Sentences for deflation

    At the present writing, world industry is going through a process of deflation from the high prices induced by the war.

    Three pairs of lungs sighed audibly in process of deflation.

    The second danger is that deflation itself will take place without constructive consideration.

    Deflation, on the other hand, is usually a much shorter period.

    Deflation basins, called blowouts, are hollows formed by the removal of particles by wind.

    It was led down the path of deflation, which the IMF has plunged half the world into.

    This is a deflation in certain sectors of the economy or in certain territories of the globe – but not in others.

    They had turned his deflation into antagonism, his ignorance into distrust.

    Industry during the period of deflation goes through a process like that of an over-fat man taking a Turkish bath.

    There was a concerted stiffening of bodies, a general sigh from lungs in process of deflation.

Word Origin & History of - deflation

    Word Origin & History

    deflation 1891, "release of air," from deflate + -ion. In reference to currency, from 1920.

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