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Word Example of - defraud

    Example Sentences for defraud

    "Thou didst endeavour to defraud the State for purposes of thine own," interposed the praefect calmly.

    Think about what the Bible says about those who defraud the widow and orphan.

    Is it any fault of mine that Madame d'Argeles is a Chalusse, and that she wishes to defraud me of my fortune.

    If I were going to defraud anyone, it wouldn't be a poor mechanic.

    Even Silas Deane, though he attempted to defraud, did not betray.

    Otherwise I should defraud the public and ruin my practice at the same time.

    To defraud, to cheat, to wrong, had at one time been most abhorrent to her nature.

    She received it as a tribute that was due, and of which none dared to defraud her.

    Don't you know that John Garwell is trying to defraud my aunt out of a lot of money?

    To "defraud in any matter" is to seek gain at the expense of a neighbor.

Word Origin & History of - defraud

    Word Origin & History

    defraud mid-14c., from O.Fr. defrauder, from L. defraudare (see fraud). Prefix de- used here in the sense of "thoroughly."

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