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Word Example of - degrade

    Example Sentences for degrade

    He might degrade Marcolina by mockery and lascivious phrases, full of innuendo.

    Captivity may hold and make more fierce, but cannot degrade, the lion.

    He also considered that letters should not be a profession in itself—to make a business of an art is to degrade it.

    We degrade and finally vitiate our conscience if we do not respect its behests.

    My colored friends who are here to-day, the emancipation of the slave removed from our country that which tended to degrade labor.

    To degrade to a lower rank; or to shorten the allowance of water or provisions.

    Let not one who desires to reform be compelled to associate with those who are almost sure to degrade and debase him.

    In the set of his lips was menace to the next employer who dared to insult and degrade him.

    I remember it so well, that I would shed my blood rather than degrade my rank.

    Falsehood is detected by its quickening the vices that degrade and destroy.

Word Origin & History of - degrade

    Word Origin & History

    degrade early 14c., from O.Fr. degrader (12c.), from des- "down" + L. gradus "step" (see grade).

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