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The Synonym of - dejection (noun)

Word Example of - dejection

    Example Sentences for dejection

    The whole soul of the poet is reflected in the Ode to Dejection.

    The "Californian" budged not, but posed, an image of dejection.

    Even my father was terrified by the state of dejection into which I fell.

    "He spotted that place on my throat," Peter said, with dejection.

    In the morning when he appeared at breakfast, his countenance wore the marks of dejection and anguish.

    From whence is this dejection, when one would think he had all he could wish for?

    There was so much pain and dejection in his look, that his friend could not fail to observe it.

    A fit of dejection had seized me, and I could think of nothing but Jane Ryder.

    When they lamented in their dejection, he promised great things of the future.

    She sat very quietly, but there was not a sign of gloom or dejection in her face.

Word Origin & History of - dejection

    Word Origin & History

    dejection early 15c., from O.Fr. dejection, from L. dejectionem, noun of action from deicere "to cast down" (see deject).

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