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Word Example of - delegate

    Example Sentences for delegate

    He was chosen a delegate to Congress from Maryland, and joined that body on the 19th of November, 1778.

    When the thirty minute recess ended, the Israeli delegate arose.

    Mr. Blaine's name was placed in nomination by a delegate from Michigan by the name of Joy.

    He is a delegate, and rides to Philadelphia with Henry and Pendleton.

    But ever since I heard the Delegate speak, something's been nagging me.

    I wish to say that I think it all-important that a delegate should be sent.

    Bannon repeated, and there was something in his voice that caused the delegate to check a second retort.

    "Allow no one to leave the building," said the delegate to the other policeman.

    Do you want to play this hand, Bubbles, or do you want me to delegate some one else?

    And the cap'n was made a delegate to come and see me about it.

Word Origin & History of - delegate

    Word Origin & History

    delegate late 14c., from L. delegatus, pp. of delegare "to send as a representative," from de- "from, away" + legare "send with a commission." The verb is from 1520s.