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Word Example of - delegation

    Example Sentences for delegation

    "They must expect a delegation of their own friends," guessed Marjorie.

    "It is tails," he announced, and the Arab delegation broke into happy shouts.

    He was shut up for several hours with a delegation who had invited him down.

    About ten years before, a delegation from the tribe had visited the French, and friendly relations were established between them.

    A delegation of five of our members were sent to investigate the Irish question and report at Queenstown.

    A delegation of the chiefs, from the other villages, was soon assembled.

    Junoy, the republican deputy, also inspired by the Association and the delegation presided over and protected by Morayta.

    Judge Barbee, with a gesture, recognized the rights of the anti-Stickney delegation.

    The latter body made its investigation before the Oklahoma delegation arrived.

    Not one act can she do towards or in relation to them, except by delegation from him.

Word Origin & History of - delegation

    Word Origin & History of - delegation

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