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Word Example of - deliberation

    Example Sentences for deliberation

    Therefore, let the choice be made in no haste and passion and blindness, but in deliberation and calm exercise of judgment.

    He was a man of prudence and deliberation, and of unswerving decision.

    The regret is unpleasantly suggestive of that deliberation in the manufacture of eloquence which stamps it as artificial.

    With respect to myself, the time for deliberation has not been long.

    Ratio et consilium propri ducis artes—Thought and deliberation are the qualities proper to a general.

    For, as with deliberation, so without repentance, your engraved line must be.

    The Wahabees and other tribes had met in deliberation, while the lower classes of the townsfolk were creating noise and confusion.

    "Don't think so," said Keogh, after a fair amount of deliberation.

    Beside these two, the Chinese and the Californians, but one other class seemed to be moving with any deliberation.

    After a few minutes' deliberation, the captain said, reluctantly, "we must leave him."

Word Origin & History of - deliberation

    Word Origin & History

    deliberation late 14c., from L. deliberationem, from deliberare "weigh, consider well," from de- "entirely" + -liberare, altered (perhaps by influence of liberare "liberate") from librare "to balance, weigh," from libra "scale."

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