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Word Example of - delight

    Example Sentences for delight

    But its gardens are the delight, the delight and the pride of Damascus.

    The shouts of wonder and delight with which the development of every package was received!

    These were the morsels in which the native editor took most delight.

    The illustrations are a great addition to the delight of the youthful reader.

    Its home, cried Peggy, dancing from one object to another in her delight.

    But men have a saying, My only delight in being lord is that no one withstands what I say.

    Down the street he slowly walked, much to the delight of Mun Bun.

    You do not see the delight that must attend upon conjecture.

    What was he saying that seemed at once to terrify and to delight Mme. de Thaller?

    There was no need to tell him of my own delight in his presence.

Word Origin & History of - delight

    Word Origin & History

    delight early 13c., delit, from O.Fr. delit, from delitier "please greatly, charm," from L. delectare "to allure, delight," freq. of delicere "entice" (see delicious). Spelled delite until 16c. when it changed under influence of light, flight, etc. Related: Delightful (1520s).

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