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Word Example of - delightful

    Example Sentences for delightful

    Simply, that you are the most ingenuous, the most delightful creature in the world.

    His entrance in the very first part of the play is delightful.

    It was an easy and a delightful voyage, the steamer clean, the sea smooth.

    The weather was delightful after we got outside of the harbor of St. Augustine.

    Altogether he is a delightful, cultured man and a suitable head for the Republic.

    In the morning the appearance of the country was more picturesque, and we had a delightful day.

    The most diabolical nightmare may succeed a most delightful romance.

    My guide was a merry rower and the voyage was delightful, but we caught nothing.

    This was thought charming, and a delightful triumph of imagination.

    It was near the close of a clear day, and the music was delightful.

Word Origin & History of - delightful

    Word Origin & History of - delightful

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