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What is a better word for delimitation? What's another word for delimitation? What are 5 "delimitation synonyms"? How can I replace the word delimitation? What is the meaning of delimitation in English?

Word Example of - delimitation

    Example Sentences for delimitation

    But the delimitation of the frontier of Burma is not yet complete.

    Once more there is a difficulty of delimitation which will have to be fully sifted.

    I do not pretend that this delimitation solves all problems.

    The delimitation is thus a quite natural and scientific one, coinciding pretty closely to the water-parting of the two countries.

    You know that it has been discovered in our days that there exists a great difficulty in effecting this delimitation.

    The delimitation of the land into districts, each subject to its own tribunal, was naturally a work of time.

    In the delimitation of the pathological from the healthy, I have endeavoured to lay down broad general lines.

    One geographical expression, in the delimitation of the country, demands a brief explanation.

    Burma, her quondam feudatory, also agreed to a delimitation of boundaries at the proper time.

    The definition of boundaries and their delimitation is one of the most important parts of political geography.

Word Origin & History of - delimitation

    Word Origin & History

    delimitation 1836, from Fr. délimitation (18c.), noun of action from délimiter (see delimit). Related: Delimited.