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What is a better word for delineated? What's another word for delineated? What are 5 "delineated synonyms"? How can I replace the word delineated? What is the meaning of delineated in English?

Word Example of - delineated

    Example Sentences for delineated

    Mr. Cooper has treated this subject with his usual care, and appears to have delineated the costume very accurately.

    They delineated a large river many days journey to the east, which La Salle had no doubt was the Mississippi.

    The annexed plate represents a small animal of the opossum kind, which has not before been delineated.

    We illustrate one which is so delineated that it can be practically produced.

    In like manner coins were delineated through the leather of pocketbooks.

    Then he delineated a long and painful path, amid rocks and water-courses.

    Date-palms, firs, and vines are delineated with skill and spirit; other varieties are more difficult to recognize.

    Or that his nature, being such as we have delineated, is akin to the highest good?

    Society also may learn lessons of caution and vigilance from the contemplation of the extraordinary character we have delineated.

    It really has a face, whose features may easily be delineated.

Word Origin & History of - delineated

    Word Origin & History

    delineate 1550s, from L. delineatus, pp. of delineare, from de- "completely" + lineare "draw lines," from linea "line" (see line (n.)).