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The Synonym of - delineation (noun)

Word Example of - delineation

    Example Sentences for delineation

    And almost everywhere the Prophetic spirit in the delineation of his coming remains true to itself.

    They become a delineation of the non-sensuous, of the soul's progress of development.

    In my opinion, poetry is the search and the delineation of the ideal.

    Another which says, We will have shade, and as much color and delineation as are consistent with it.

    We will again proceed with the delineation of the escapement here illustrated.

    This was his black-board, designed to serve for the delineation of his journey.

    This delineation of their habitat is supported by the diaries of Abella and Viader.

    There is great purity of delineation and conception in Enoch Arden.

    Sophocles is especially great in the delineation of ideal female characters.

    The delineation of Socrates in the Republic is not wholly consistent.

Word Origin & History of - delineation

    Word Origin & History

    delineation 1560s, from L. delineationem, noun of action from delineare (see delineate).

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