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Word Example of - deliver

    Example Sentences for deliver

    Menehwehna had gone; he was free of him, and this day was to deliver his soul.

    He was watching for a chance to deliver one blow that would settle the combat.

    Some years ago I could deliver a heavy punch and the knack had 31stayed with me.

    In vain did Julian endeavour to deliver the empire from the scourge.

    Then he locked the door, came down, and went on to deliver his message.

    He does no more when he promises to deliver a bale of cotton.

    It is pleasant to linger under these arches and deliver oneself to the pleasures of epigraphy.

    Stephen said “Thank you,” and went off to deliver up the bat.

    The most magnificent pine timber covers its slopes, but it would take a syndicate to deliver one log at the railroad.

    Would the Capitan take charge of these things and deliver them?

Word Origin & History of - deliver

    Word Origin & History

    deliver early 13c., from O.Fr. delivrer, from L.L. deliberare, from L. de- "away" + liberare "to free" (see deliberation). Sense of "hand over" is late 13c., which brings it in opposition to its root. Meaning "bring to childbirth" (unburden) is c.1300; that of "project, throw" is 1590s. Related: Deliverable (1755).

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