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Word Example of - deliverance

    Example Sentences for deliverance

    It is clear that in this passage it is used for deliverance.

    I am truly thankful for my deliverance, and for my blessings.

    Sadly suggestive must have seemed the names of the two vessels that appeared upon that awful scene—Patience and Deliverance.

    I knew all this, and no longer speculated upon the probabilities of deliverance.

    Meanwhile, Adrien, all unconscious of his deliverance from further disturbance, pursued his way to the theatre.

    “We have now to do our best, and pray to God for deliverance,” observed Owen.

    Marie Antoinette longed for this liberty, and for this deliverance of death.

    And a vague feeling of compunction mingled with her sense of deliverance.

    You owe your heart as a debt to this people unnumbered, which is conquered and oppressed and looks to you for its deliverance.

    To these proposals we cheerfully acceded, in hopes of facilitating our deliverance.

Word Origin & History of - deliverance

    Word Origin & History

    deliverance late 13c., "action of setting free" in physical or spiritual senses, from O.Fr. delivrance (12c.), from délivrer (see deliver). Formerly also with senses now restricted to delivery.

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