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What is a better word for delivery? What's another word for delivery? What are 5 "delivery synonyms"? How can I replace the word delivery? What is the meaning of delivery in English?

Word Example of - delivery

    Example Sentences for delivery

    A much larger and more tempting sum was offered for the delivery of Marti, dead or alive.

    The incongruity of its position is to be referred to the lateness of its delivery.

    In less than a week after the delivery of the last letter, about six oclock in the evening, my plot was ripe, and I seized my man.

    The tobacco was to be paid for on its delivery at Fredericksburg.

    When the head presents, for instance, the delivery takes place in nearly the same manner, let it be in what position it may.

    Our Eighth Volume is now bound and ready for delivery, price 10s.

    Newspapers forwarded by Cunard Steamer are liable on delivery to one penny each, being the American transit rate.

    This was illustrated by diagrams on the wall at the delivery of the lecture.

    The best presentation would be the delivery of the entire play running through some four or five class periods.

    Then the shutter was opened, and the task of delivery commenced.

Word Origin & History of - delivery

    Word Origin & History

    delivery late 15c., "action of handing over to another," from Anglo-Fr. delivrée, fem. pp. of délivrer (see deliver). Childbirth sense is attested from 1570s. Of speech, from 1580s. Of a blow, throw of a ball, etc., from 1702.