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Word Example of - delude

    Example Sentences for delude

    They see things by a false vision, and are not only deluded but they often delude others.

    Do not delude me with a chimera, and above all do not tempt me to sacrifice my honour to it.

    There was one in the pavilion, of a mien and assurance the past night, that might delude an angel.

    Out upon you, magpie; would you delude the old man with fables?

    Is this your deliberate opinion, or do you say so only to delude the timorous?

    Because, since that is what our pursuers will expect of us, it will delude them the more if we keep straight on.

    We are apt to delude ourselves as to the motives of the judgments we pronounce.

    Yet, desperately as he was in love, he could not delude himself with the belief that she cared for him.

    As far as I am concerned, I did not delude myself with any false hopes in the matter.

    Such a person they endeavour to delude with various pretences.

Word Origin & History of - delude

    Word Origin & History of delude

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