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Word Example of - deluge

    Example Sentences for deluge

    "I said crosspatch," she faltered and waited bravely for the deluge.

    Rain poured down, day after day, as if it were the prelude to a second Deluge.

    No sound except the hissing, sneering, chattering whisper of the deluge.

    What will the big storm and the deluge of rain mean to us, anyway?

    The Greeks rained down from above a deluge of stones and other missiles.

    If you succeed, and I do not believe you can succeed, you will deluge the country in blood.

    Instead of thinking just then "after me the deluge," her thought was "after my marriage to Rupert Louth the deluge."

    Moses continues the description of the sin and offense which provoked the deluge.

    My doctor advises me to give up all thought of visiting Ireland while these stormy days of deluge last.

    This fact seems to harmonize with the view that the deluge began in October.

Word Origin & History of - deluge

    Word Origin & History

    deluge late 14c., from O.Fr. deluge (12c.), earlier deluve, from L. diluvium, from diluere "wash away," from dis- "away" + -luere, comb. form of lavere "to wash" (see lave). The verb is from 1649.

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