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What is a better word for delving? What's another word for delving? What are 5 "delving synonyms"? How can I replace the word delving? What is the meaning of delving in English?

Word Example of - delving

    Example Sentences for delving

    So Gordon returned home, and a few weeks later was delving deep into new mysteries.

    Spent all day plowing the low meadow, Peter delving potatoes.

    He was delving around in a hazy recollection of Bible subjects, which he vaguely remembered having studied when a child.

    We were not delving deeply, not by any means—just picking off the nuggets, as it were.

    It is well that to painstaking mothers and delving fathers, earth seems so real.

    I was cast forth from my order because of my delving in black magic.

    This time he was dressed in the native garb, he seemed very poor, and was delving the soil.

    As for the men, they dashed their picks again into the ground and went on with their delving.

    Six-legged water dogs were polishing them hopefully, or delving into them with their long, sinuous snouts for the marrow.

    Beyond them in the highway men were delving with shovels and hacking with mattocks.

Word Origin & History of - delving

    Word Origin & History

    delve O.E. delfan "to dig" (class III strong verb; past tense dealf, pp. dolfen), common W.Gmc. verb with cognates in Slavic. Weak inflections emerged 14c.-16c.