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Word Example of - demarcation

    Example Sentences for demarcation

    There's no rigid line of demarcation between insanity and hysteria.

    No very definite line of demarcation, however, can be drawn.

    There are no post-orbital processes to the frontals or any other demarcation between the orbits and the temporal fossae.

    This range is a line of demarcation in ethnology as well as politics.

    Such a case shows very well the inaccuracy of our hard and fast lines of demarcation.

    The world does not draw lines of demarcation where women are concerned.

    In moist gangrene, the lines of demarcation and separation are fairly well developed.

    With the sterner sex, the line of demarcation is equally distinct.

    According to Kant, nothing less than a revision of Descartes' mode of demarcation between object and subject.

    But always, when it was really dense, there was a definite plane of demarcation.

Word Origin & History of - demarcation

    Word Origin & History

    demarcation c.1752, from Sp. linea de demarcacion, or Port. linha de demarcaçao, line laid down by the Pope, May 4, 1493, dividing the New World between Spain and Portugal on a line 100 leagues west of the Cape Verde Islands. Applied from 1801 to other lines dividing regions.

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