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Word Example of - demerit

    Example Sentences for demerit

    These facts being known, I am content to take on myself the merit or demerit of furnishing these supplies.

    A succade to follow your eggs, which you shall have if you demerit it.

    There is no reason to suppose that the sin and demerit he speaks of is that of leaving his home.

    The common copper and zinc cell is the next in order of demerit.

    "Miss Miller, they should each have a demerit for disturbing the peace like this," said Zan, in mock severity.

    According to such principles, man can neither merit nor demerit.

    Do you think that none but professional artists are capable of judging of the actual merit or demerit of a painting?

    If he answers "merit, demerit, and error," we readily grant what he says.

    But, since man's body is capable neither of merit nor of demerit, it is capable neither of reward nor of punishment.

    Such is the case when, either on merit or demerit, great patronage is bestowed.

Word Origin & History of - demerit

    Word Origin & History

    demerit 1399, from O.Fr. desmerite, from des- "not, opposite" + merite "merit." L. demereri meant "to merit, deserve," from de- in its completive sense. But M.L. demeritum meant "fault." Both senses existed in the M.Fr. form of the word. Meaning "penalty point in school" is attested from 1862.

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