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"demise Synonyms"

What is a better word for demise? What's another word for demise? What are 5 "demise synonyms"? How can I replace the word demise? What is the meaning of demise in English?

Word Example of - demise

    Example Sentences for demise

    Thou art desirous to know what advantage I reap by my uncle's demise.

    On the demise of the owner only a youngest son can inherit the Alraun.

    According to the famous surgeon who was at her bedside just before her demise, she died "game."

    With whimsical seriousness he told her of the trout's demise and high destiny.

    At the instant of the demise the next heir became our lawful sovereign.

    In August “one in high authority will be in danger of demise.”

    Reggie handed him the second drink and watched contentedly as Mr. Demise drank it down.

    Death, which in any case awaits our friends, we woo to them by anticipations of demise.

    The entire front page was devoted to the news of his demise which had occurred the day before going to press.

    He remembered his mother, but not her demise; that had been concealed from him.

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    Word Origin & History of demise

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