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"demit Synonyms"

What is a better word for demit? What's another word for demit? What are 5 "demit synonyms"? How can I replace the word demit? What is the meaning of demit in English?

Word Example of - demit

    Example Sentences for demit

    My own chieftaincy I could demit without regret, knowing that it would fall into your hands.

    So that La Mettrie had to demit; to get out of France rather in a hurry, lest worse befell.

    Yas suh, dey had to have a demit to go any place outside work hours.

    The right to demit or resign never has, until within a few years, been denied.

    But no man is entitled to a demit, unless at the time of demanding it he be in good standing and free from all charges.

    Isnard, repentant of that search on which river-bank Paris stood, declares himself ready to demit.

    The avenger of blood may not demit his duty until some member of the other tribe has been killed.

Word Origin & History of - demit

    Word Origin & History

    demit 1610s (figurative), 1640s (literal), from L. demittere "to send down," from de- + mittere "to send" (see mission).