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Word Example of - demolish

    Example Sentences for demolish

    At the first three shots I thought they intended to demolish the Republic.

    He harangued the Indians, and exhorted them to demolish the fort.

    At Magdeburg he did much to demolish the remains of theism in the Free-religious communities.

    "Now we will begin," said her ladyship, as she proceeded to demolish a boiled egg.

    A bear that could demolish twenty fierce hounds in a single fight, would not wink over five antagonists.

    Then we may thank those who help to demolish the crumbling house!

    Mr. Sakari suggested that himself, and when I agreed with him he proceeded to demolish it.

    Was it prudent to effect a junction and to demolish our barricade?

    The Nawab had demanded their signatures to a document binding the English at Calcutta to demolish their fortifications.

    With one hand I demolish the savants, with the other the politicians.

Word Origin & History of - demolish

    Word Origin & History

    demolish 1560s, from M.Fr. demoliss-, stem of demolir "to destroy, tear down" (late 14c.), from L. demoliri "tear down," from de- "down" + moliri "build, construct," from moles (gen. molis) "massive structure."

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