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Word Example of - demonstrable

    Example Sentences for demonstrable

    It is demonstrable that they are indispensable, that the world may become Paradise Regained.

    It is demonstrable, however, that the Scotchman could not have been the imitator.

    All this is demonstrable, and to the prevalent consciousness of it our generation is deeply indebted to Taine and his pupils.

    Despite its demonstrable faults I do not propose to attack this novel.

    It is demonstrable that in Homer the word has several meanings.

    This is not declamation, but the expression of a truth which is demonstrable.

    That Venus and Mercury are revolved about the sun is demonstrable from their moon-like appearances.

    Have you a real, working, demonstrable knowledge of Christianity?

    "So if we stick to demonstrable facts, we don't get far," the scientist concluded.

    That also has been demonstrable on many occasions during recent years.

Word Origin & History of - demonstrable

    Word Origin & History

    demonstrable c.1400, from L. demonstrabilis, from demonstrare (see demonstration). Related: Demonstrably (1640s).

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