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Word Example of - demur

    Example Sentences for demur

    Mr. Chattaway could not demur to this, and gave a receipt—in full, as George expressed it—for that and the year's rent.

    After some demur, Lopez at last opened the door, and the men entered.

    She took the gloves—a slip of paper was to be felt inside—a moment's demur, then she purchased and put them in her pocket.

    He makes no demur when she claims him for the evening, and discusses the future, her future, with him.

    The general seemed to demur at the word superior, drew himself up, but said nothing in contradiction.

    As soon as Addicks saw I had something to work on he began to demur and object.

    Yet she allowed herself to be drawn back into the room, and made no demur to the closing of the window.

    After some demur, they at last acceded to my request, letting me down on my feet.

    I could not foresee that the purchaser of my estate was to demur in paying for it.

    It seemed to Ainley the only sensible thing to do, and he did not demur.

Word Origin & History of - demur

    Word Origin & History

    demur early 13c., "to linger, tarry," from O.Fr. demorer "delay, retard," from L. demorari, from de- + morari "to delay," from mora "a pause, delay." Main modern sense of "raise objections" is first attested 1630s.

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