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Word Example of - denial

    Example Sentences for denial

    The denial of a proposition implies the admission of its Contradictory.

    That men do not want what they must have to live is a denial of all philosophy.

    As best I can recall now, the denial being credited to Ryder.

    First, the denial of all error, and then the affirmation of truth.

    "No, no," I muttered, and the denial struck me like a spiritual blow the moment it was uttered.

    Denial is to be applied more to the parents—the denial of fear.

    He knew quite well the edge of the gulf they stood on, and he was determined not to put the burden of denial on her.

    Did you know the denial of matter would have such an effect?

    But however vexed the controversy over the cause of the explosion, there has been no denial of the gallantry of its victims.

    I shook a denial with my head that brightened her eyes again.

Word Origin & History of - denial

    Word Origin & History of denial

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