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The Synonym of - denotation (noun)

Word Example of - denotation

    Example Sentences for denotation

    And because there is a (separate) denotation of the object of activity and of the agent.

    The denotation of the tenses was effected by appropriate signs.

    In fact, it would be nearer to the truth to say that the meaning of "Scott" is the denotation of "the author of Waverley."

    We ought, if possible, to define in consonance with the denotation.

    Thus a proper name or even an abstract term is said to have Denotation.

    Connotation and Denotation are often said to vary inversely in quantity.

    The distinction between connotation and denotation, extension and intension, applies only to general names.

    Explain and illustrate what is meant by the Denotation and Connotation of a Term.

    Hence it naturally comes to be supposed that the denotation is part of the proposition in which the description occurs.

    The denotation of abstract terms thus seems to exhaust their force or meaning.

Word Origin & History of - denotation

    Word Origin & History

    denotation 1530s, from L. denotationem, noun of action from denotare (see denote). As a term in logic, from 1843.

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