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What is a better word for denotative? What's another word for denotative? What are 5 "denotative synonyms"? How can I replace the word denotative? What is the meaning of denotative in English?

Word Example of - denotative

    Example Sentences for denotative

    Definitions are of three types, denotative, expository, scientific.

    It finds that "reality" is a denotative term, a word used to designate indifferently everything that happens.

    The workings of my thought thus determine both its denotative and its connotative significance more fully.

    Most terms (the exceptions and doubtful cases will be discussed hereafter) have two functions, a denotative and a connotative.

    In every language those words which are denotative of sounds are nearly always also imitative of them.

    Meaning here, then, can be neither the connotative nor denotative reference of a term; they are covered by the two prior formulae.

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    Word Origin & History

    denotative 1610s, from L. denotat-, pp. stem of denotare (see denote) + -ive.