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Word Example of - dependent

    Example Sentences for dependent

    The latter method is a waste of time and is dependent on wind and weather.

    His mother, on whom he was dependent, was very rich; she had once been prominent in society.

    But the climate of the surface of the earth is not dependent upon the heat of the interior.

    She will not be dependent on the world, and thus she will avoid its vexations.

    But freedom was not absolute; it was to be dependent on the moral law.

    Marriage is their forte; they are too dependent to be left to themselves.

    Women participate in the care of the poor and the care of dependent children.

    Fortunately, for proof of that we are not dependent on talk.

    Never before had the reformed realized the extent to which their fortunes were dependent on a single man.

    Orphan children and those that are dependent should be taught in the cloister.

Word Origin & History of - dependent

    Word Origin & History

    dependent variant spelling of dependant, now mostly restricted to adjectival use; see -ance. Dependent variable in mathematics is recorded from 1852.

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