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Word Example of - depiction

    Example Sentences for depiction

    The elevation in the drawing you have indicated as "A" is a depiction of what?

    They are too hollow and immaterial to appear even as a depiction of form.

    The depiction of the human form halted at approximation.282 Drawing became more arbitrary.

    The depiction of evil in due proportion and with such limitations belongs to the accurate representation of human character.

    In this picture the artist seems to revel in the depiction of emotion, and (as it were) in "piling up the agony."

    Their initial mistake was in supposing that the depiction of mental states would recall the causes of those states.

    I should like the reader to note how complete is Mr. Eliot's depiction of our contemporary condition.

    Now the trouble with modern photography is that it is altogether too lavish in its depiction of distances.

    But the method of depiction is very different from that of Tolstoi.

    But the depiction is little more than picture-writing, mere copies of traditional groups.

Word Origin & History of - depiction

    Word Origin & History of depiction

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