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The Synonym of - depletion (noun)

Word Example of - depletion

    Example Sentences for depletion

    No man or woman could endure the wear and tear of social life in America without sickness and depletion of health.

    One result of the recent battle was the depletion of the color-guard.

    It was a mere question of arithmetic to calculate how long they could hold out while that rate of depletion was going on.

    And then Smith's Pocket was found to be only a pocket, and subject like other pockets to depletion.

    From the eighteenth century on we get reports on depletion of fields due to wrong application of the new system.

    A similar affection is occasionally produced by the abuse of opium, excessive mental anxiety, night watching, or depletion.

    This depletion of our ranks we cannot well afford, for every available man is needed in the field.

    The depletion and anodynes of the physician were administered in vain.

    Perhaps the trouble lies less in the depletion of the hills than in the surfeit of the shore.

    All tragedies are not those of violence, but of depletion, too, and of starvation.

Word Origin & History of - depletion

    Word Origin & History

    depletion 1650s, from L.L. depletionem (nom. depletio) "blood-letting," from L. deplere "to empty," lit. "to un-fill," from de- "off, away" + plere "to fill" (see plenary).

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