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Word Example of - depose

    Example Sentences for depose

    Whether it be lawful to depose an evil governor and kill a tyrant?

    She did not assist to depose him till he had conspired to disinherit her.

    Again a Pope was asserting his right to depose an English sovereign and to loose Englishmen from their bond of allegiance.

    The tribal-council had also the right to depose chiefs and sachems.

    The next thing for the Montenegrins to do was to depose Nikita.

    The explorers of Herculaneum depose to the discovery of such an ornament there.

    He had power to judge and depose the petty kings, and they were to pay their tribute to him for the English monarch.

    For years back Miss Barrington had been plotting to depose Darby.

    I did not intend to devise or levy war against the Queen or to depose the Queen.

    The first witness to depose alleged a number of most damaging facts.

Word Origin & History of - depose

    Word Origin & History

    depose c.1300, from O.Fr. deposer, from de- "down" + poser "put, place" (see pose).

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