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What is a better word for deposit? What's another word for deposit? What are 5 "deposit synonyms"? How can I replace the word deposit? What is the meaning of deposit in English?

Word Example of - deposit

    Example Sentences for deposit

    Make haste, say they can put him down to my deposit account.

    It was five days after he had made his deposit in the bank that the first shock came to him.

    I also wanted to deposit some money and dispose of some mules that I would not need, on my trip.

    The next makes its deposit at the top of the former; and so on till every pit is full.

    Emmeline intending to go to her own room, went first into the drawing room to deposit her music book.

    Thus it is seen why the sand-flea cannot deposit its eggs as do the rest of the family.

    If I can only deposit it safely in His Heart before another sees it and robs me of my jewel, all will be well.

    He accepted their amazed silence as consent, and made his deposit solemnly.

    Security accepted by the tribunal may be substituted for a deposit.

    The air was always present, and it was sure to deposit some impurity.

Word Origin & History of - deposit

    Word Origin & History

    deposit 1620s, from L. depositus, pp. of deponere "lay aside, put down, deposit," from de- "away" + ponere "to put" (see position). Geological sense is from 1781; monetary sense is from 1737.