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Word Example of - depository

    Example Sentences for depository

    The Bank of the United States was the depository of the moneys of the nation and her disbursing agent.

    A depository is a place where things are or may be put away for safe keeping.

    He knew of a depository of wax-candles, and the church of the rancheria was the place in which they were kept.

    You have Blanktown, then, as the depository of Celia's fortune.

    He had all her confidence, and was frequently the depository of the uneasiness of this tender mother.

    So we were, Tony,—so is every man that is the depository of a certain power.

    Long since the drygoods box had disappeared which had served as the only depository of mail.

    My groom, however, thought it might be useful as a depository of barley in the stable!

    The keys were then delivered to the depository selected, who receipted for the property and became responsible for it.

    She is to be the depository of all his secrets, and the recipient of all his thoughts.

Word Origin & History of - depository

    Word Origin & History

    depository "place where things are deposited," 1750, from M.L. depositorium, from deposit-, pp. stem of deponere (see deposit).

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