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Word Example of - depot

    Example Sentences for depot

    This is now occupied by the interurban railway as their depot.

    From this point La Salle intended to establish communication with his depot at Niagara.

    How sacred and memorable were the depot platforms of our beloved country in war time!

    The Ferrises and Merrifield were at the "depot" to meet him.

    He said that the round-house had been burned last night and that the depot and the elevator was going to be burned to-night.

    With all speed he hurried to the Hall, only to learn that Nan had left for the depot.

    No one met the regiment at the depot even to tell it where to go.

    He entered the Penobscot House, a block and a half from the depot.

    They were the only ones to get off at the depot, and the spot was all but deserted.

    Every depot on shore, and every ship in the stream, had its stories.

Word Origin & History of - depot

    Word Origin & History

    depot 1795, "warehouse," from Fr. dépôt "a deposit, place of deposit," from O.Fr. depost "a deposit or pledge," from L. depositum "a deposit," neut. pp. of deponere "lay aside" (see deposit). Military sense is from 1798; meaning "railway station" is first recorded 1842, Amer.Eng.

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