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Word Example of - depravation

    Example Sentences for depravation

    There are those who hold that Louvet's Faublas is to this day a powerful agent in the depravation of the youth of France.

    When then, and where did the work of depravation take place?

    The depravation of manners, as savage as they were corrupt, is marked by the presence of the emperor himself.

    Shelley was accountable for Harriett Westbrooks depravation.

    And if use and health make so great alteration, we have cause to think that the depravation of nature by the fall did more.

    It is a voluptuous excess in drink to the depravation of reason.

    The very first step in their progress is depravation of manners.

    If it did suffer, it suffered through the moral nature, because depravation of the heart depraved the brain.

    What was lost to the accommodation of the body, was to be made to contribute to the depravation of the spirit.

    For let me not be supposed to have asserted that the present depravation was the work of Apolinarius.

Word Origin & History of - depravation

    Word Origin & History

    deprave mid-14c., from O.Fr. depraver, from L. depravare "corrupt," from de- "completely" + pravus "crooked."

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