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Word Example of - depravity

    Example Sentences for depravity

    No amount of depravity could extinguish his hope of reform; no recurrence of ingratitude could paralyze his efforts.

    None but a monster of depravity would ever make the attempt.

    The German mob revealed its depravity when it hung out flags in the streets to celebrate the first German victories.

    Our unsanctified affections must also become purified from every taint of depravity.

    There was no expression of hardened guilt or gross depravity about them.

    Depravity had affected our affections so that we could not hold these treasures as we should.

    The insistence of the Radicals upon a confession of depravity only made things much worse.

    Though I believe one reason of their depravity is the badness of the actors.

    Now, our problem is to measure the depravity of a man's disposition, which may be defined as the sum of his intentions.

    There is not any reasoning by which the evidences of depravity are to be traced in 17.

Word Origin & History of - depravity

    Word Origin & History

    depravity 1640s, from deprave + -ity. Earlier in same sense was pravity, from L. pravitas.

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