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Word Example of - deprecation

    Example Sentences for deprecation

    The spirit of military subordination is not favorable to retort, nor even to deprecation.

    Brett waved his hand in deprecation of such a pernicious thought.

    In this I have received from some a degree of credit for having kept silence, and from others some deprecation.

    "I was obliged to go to college, sir," said Arthur, in a tone of deprecation.

    I had been over-hasty in my deprecation; I owed as much to Pugh.

    "My dear, I never said a word but what it was good; I never had any other thought," returned he, with deprecation.

    Oh,” replied Findlayson, with a gesture of deprecation, “you are not a clam!

    The hand of the man dropped in outward motion of deprecation.

    What ardor, too, for the newest science, what worship of Descartes and deprecation of the philosophers before him!

    Beasley was serious again, and wore an air of deprecation when he answered her.

Word Origin & History of - deprecation

    Word Origin & History

    deprecation late 15c., from M.Fr. deprécation, from L. deprecationem, from deprecari "plead in excuse, avert by prayer," lit. "to pray (something) away," from de- "away" + precari "pray." Sense of "show disapproval" is first attested 1610s.

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