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Word Example of - deprivation

    Example Sentences for deprivation

    It is only a simple negation or deprivation, which only seems to be a reality in our representation.

    It is the amends due for a deprivation that has been suffered.

    If the maximum sentence can be death, twenty years deprivation of freedom may be substituted for execution.

    For if teaching produces it, the deprivation of teaching prevents it.

    But fortune now seemed to make amends to him for this deprivation, for he won at almost every throw.

    The most amazing thing about him is that he turns hardship and deprivation into pleasure.

    No deprivation here of any comfort or luxury that could be found on land.

    Deprivation of it quickly produces a starved physical condition.

    They had not felt the deprivation of liberty enough to go into ecstasies about their new freedom.

    She spoke as if he were responsible for some deprivation which Miss Bonford suffered.

Word Origin & History of - deprivation

    Word Origin & History

    deprivation 1530s, from M.L. deprivationem, noun of action from deprivare (see deprive).

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