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Word Example of - deprive

    Example Sentences for deprive

    To deprive of commission, warrant, or rating, by court-martial.

    The joy is not to deprive the heaviness of its weight, nor the sorrow of its sting.

    Among other repressive measures he was instructed to deprive mere housekeepers of the suffrage and limit it to freeholders.

    From one point of view it is easy to cheat society, and deprive it of its due.

    Yes, the voice was the same she had heard that evening, weeks before, plotting to deprive them of their home.

    If so, it can also be found sticking in the wound that will deprive him of life.

    Sir Peter Laurie must be mad to endeavour to deprive us of it.'

    It was almost criminal to deprive them of even a few hours of it.

    They are, after all, the real glory of the South of which nothing can deprive her.

    Heaven protects my innocence, and the sword cannot deprive me of it.

Word Origin & History of - deprive

    Word Origin & History

    deprive early 14c., from M.L. deprivare, from L. de- "entirely" + privare "release from" (see private). Replaced O.E. bedælan.

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