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Word Example of - depths

    Example Sentences for depths

    Hidden down here in the depths of the Mid-Atlantic Lowlands.

    The struggles of shame, the pangs of despair, must be hidden in the depths of the prison-house.

    They are in the mere passage of events, having to do neither with heights nor depths.

    Then it strove to draw down to the depths of the ocean the boat of those who had hooked it.

    To me it was really entertaining; I had never been in the depths of New England at that season.

    I drew back and the sea took me and drew me into its depths.

    Into the depths of his concentration came the odor of tsin-tsin flowers, followed by the familiar, silkie voice of his arch-enemy.

    In some dreadful tragedy, witnessed only by God, the vessel and its crew sunk in the depths of the waters.

    She was gazing far out toward the distant horizon, the light of strange, puzzling thoughts in the depths of her eyes.

    Fanny was moved to the depths of her nature—moved as she had never been moved before.

Word Origin & History of - depths

    Word Origin & History

    depth late 14c., apparently formed in M.E. on model of length, breadth; from O.E. deop "deep" (see deep), replacing older deopnes "deepness." Corresponds to O.N. dypð, Goth. diupiþa.

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