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The Synonym of - deputation (noun)

Word Example of - deputation

    Example Sentences for deputation

    They were a deputation of five men, two of them elderly men, one hardly more than a youth, the other two of middle age.

    Hamilton of the Houssas was at the Isisi city when the deputation called upon him.

    The Island was en fête, and one of the events of the visit was the reception of a deputation from the Sultan of Morrocco.

    As Harry surmised, I received a visit from a deputation the next morning.

    Against this unprecedented breach of privilege parliament sent a deputation humbly to remonstrate; but all to no purpose.

    I gave them a plug each all round, and the deputation withdrew.

    The meeting was held and a deputation was appointed to wait on Carnac at his office.

    The question may now be asked: Why have the Deputation not sent us a report on these conditions?

    Dr. Ryerson, as one of a deputation, attended a large number of meetings.

    A year ago the Deputation sent us a telegram which amounted to this: "Keep on."

Word Origin & History of - deputation

    Word Origin & History

    deputation late 14c., noun of action from depute.

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