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Word Example of - deputy

    Example Sentences for deputy

    He had been over to the Court-house, he said, helping the deputy along with a new "batch of moonshiners."

    "I was not the only Roumanian who was a deputy," said the old man of the furrowed face.

    This time the carriage stopped; a slender hand gloved in black let down the window, and beckoned to the Tuscan deputy.

    The deputy tugged a minute at his mustache, searching his arid mind.

    With much animation, the rumored resignation of the Deputy Warden is discussed.

    He nodded to his deputy, who stepped to the door and beckoned.

    Well, then, it is to-day that we shall know whether Bernard will be deputy or no.

    It is the best educated prisoners, remarks the deputy, who are the most content.

    Kampama's deputy required four dotis, and an additional tax of six was paid to the chief of the Kanongo when his town was reached.

    So he began with the Police Department, and here I am, first deputy.

Word Origin & History of - deputy

    Word Origin & History

    deputy c.1400, "one given the full power of an officer without holding the office," from Anglo-Fr. depute, noun use of pp. of M.Fr. deputer "appoint, assign," from L.L. deputare "to destine, allot," from L. deputare "consider as," from de- "away" + putare "to think, count, consider," lit. "to cut, prune" (see pave). Related: Deputize (1730s).