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The Synonym of - dereliction (noun)

Word Example of - dereliction

    Example Sentences for dereliction

    I cannot spare him—I must not; it would be a gross dereliction of my duty to spare the life of such an atrocious ruffian.

    He bitterly reproached his valet for this dereliction of duty.

    Burns was nearly heart-broken by this dereliction, and between grief and rage was driven to the verge of insanity.

    He had no reason and only a very poor excuse to offer for his dereliction.

    Now, the dereliction of poor Edward Langdale was that his lips did not altogether confine themselves to the cheek of Lucette.

    And though some may censure this as a dereliction of principle, I do not so view it.

    Hence he unflinchingly imputes it to himself, as, for that matter, he has nearly every sin and dereliction mankind are guilty of.

    It is dereliction of principle which has 636 done the whole.

    She proves that a dereliction from duty may be ignoble as well as criminal.

    So far as he was aware, there had been no dereliction of duty for which he could be reprimanded.

Word Origin & History of - dereliction

    Word Origin & History

    dereliction 1590s, "abandonment" (formerly with a wider range than in modern use, e.g. of the sea withdrawing from the land), from L. derelictionem, noun of action from derelinquere (see derelict). Meaning "failure in duty" is from c.1830.