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Word Example of - derivation

    Example Sentences for derivation

    This word critic is of Greek derivation, and signifies judgment.

    Nor is any thing known in respect to the derivation or meaning of the name.

    For derivation of this name, see Brackenridge's Journal, in our volume vi, note 14.

    A native of Martinique gave me this as the derivation of the word.

    I have no idea now why this was done, or the derivation of the inclusive curse.

    It makes a feature of the derivation or etymology of the words.

    It is probably in most cases derived from the endoderm, but the exact mode of its derivation is still somewhat obscure.

    We must probably go to the Celtic for the derivation of Gyllyngvase.

    The principles of Derivation, and of Orthographic Analysis, are brought within the comprehension of the youngest learner.

    To broil on the bars of the galley-range, as implied by its French derivation.

Word Origin & History of - derivation

    Word Origin & History

    derivation 1520s (grammatical sense is oldest), from Fr. dérivation (14c.), from L. derivationem, noun of action from derivare (see derive). General meaning "origination, descent" is from c.1600.

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