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Word Example of - derogate

    Example Sentences for derogate

    It had pleased God to make her a Marchioness,—and should she derogate from God's wish?

    With the leave of Lady Noailles we will derogate from the regulations to-night.

    But to say they are artificial does not derogate from their genius.

    A man with such a nature as yours should not derogate so far.

    By the phrase 'fortune,' I mean not in the smallest degree to derogate from his merit.

    But by his marriage he might either support or derogate from these honours.

    The appearance of a god in animal form—even in a loathsome animal form—would not derogate from his essential godhead.

    But is it possible to derogate from the necessary laws of existence?

    Again, what you giue to others, you derogate from your selfe.

    In England, beheading is the punishment of nobles; being reputed not to derogate from nobility, as hanging does.

Word Origin & History of - derogate

    Word Origin & History

    derogate 1510s, from pp. stem of L. derogare (see derogatory).

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