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Word Example of - derogation

    Example Sentences for derogation

    Every concession to the scruples of an inferior order, is a derogation from the dignity and culture of art and truth.

    I trust that nothing which I have now said will be taken in derogation of the compromises of 1850.

    The pain which is produced by derogation produces effort and self-denial.

    During the austerer days of the republic the derogation was unknown.

    I was very wroth when I first heard of his derogation—but I can do nothing but pity him now.

    Customs, in derogation of the common law, must be construed strictly.

    It is a false notion, and contrary to nature, that this passion in a woman is a derogation to her sex.

    I am not saying this in derogation of the character of Mr. Aldrich.

    Burns is “a literary prodigy,” and yet it is “a derogation” to him to consider him as one.

    No polite lie, no derogation of self or of what had been done.

Word Origin & History of - derogation

    Word Origin & History

    derogation mid-15c., from Fr. dérogation (14c.), from L. derogationem, noun of action from derogare (see derogatory).

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