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What is a better word for descriptive? What's another word for descriptive? What are 5 "descriptive synonyms"? How can I replace the word descriptive? What is the meaning of descriptive in English?

Word Example of - descriptive

    Example Sentences for descriptive

    The simple expression "the king," without any descriptive addition, would be sufficient on the lips of a contemporary.

    The San Francisco Call offered a prize for a descriptive article.

    Now, if it is on the back, is the word "visible" descriptive?

    The method of the epic is chiefly narrative and descriptive.

    Borrowing the term caravan as descriptive of the march, they established markets at all convenient places.

    Even when descriptive or eulogistic, it is a direct address.

    The finest passage is that relating Turpin's ride to York, which is a marvel of descriptive writing.

    Thus only will the transmitting powers of soul expand the descriptive faculties.

    His relation had, indeed, much of the fire and descriptive beauty which he afterwards threw into every line of his writings.

    Else, in the present instance, how applicable, how descriptive a term!

Word Origin & History of - descriptive

    Word Origin & History

    descriptive 1751, from L. descriptivus, from descript-, pp. stem of describere (see description).