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Word Example of - desert

    Example Sentences for desert

    Why should you desert our affections merely because they are not new?

    He had learned to take his grief and his despairs to the desert mountain tops.

    The desert was His, as well as the land flowing with milk and honey.

    Jim looked at the shimmering lavenders and grays of the desert.

    "You are as little fitted to cross the desert of Sahara as any one I ever met," she said.

    He has no longer the choice whether to be a pilgrim in the desert or to stay at home.

    However that may be, He who clothes the lilies and feeds the ravens will not desert us.

    It was this which clouded Heaven to her at the moment that earth had become a desert.

    Besides the oases the desert is remarkable for two other valleys.

    He thought he might trust Mr Hope not to desert him and Deerbrook now.

Word Origin & History of - desert

    Word Origin & History

    desert "to leave," late 14c., from O.Fr. deserter "leave," lit. "undo or sever connection," from L.L. desertare, freq. of L. deserere "to abandon," from de- "undo" + serere "join" (see series). Military sense is first recorded 1640s.

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